Poodle (manzokushi) wrote,


Just realised I haven't actually mentioned anything about this..

It's Amanda's 18th on Thursday, and I'm slightly worried about what presents I've got her etc. I've never bought someone something for their 18th, never mind my girlfriend! Well, I've managed to get her some stuff.. but some of it I ordered off the internet and it's not arrived yet. Panic!

Anyway, since it's her birthday, I'm going to Paris with her this Saturday coming (the 29th). I'm so unbelievably excited.. it's sad. We get a flight from Prestwick at like 6 AM and get the flight back from Paris at 22:45-ish. I'm going to be completely knackered, and she's having her party on the Sunday after that (the 30th), so it may kill me. But wow.. Paris. How awesome is that?! Amanda got a map thing with all the touristy stuff so we're gonna check it out tomorrow and work out where to go. And I've even got the flight planned out.. Amanda's gonna be sleeping so I'm gonna look out my old pokemon game and play it on the plane! Haha!

Aww man.. so happy/excited. Can't believe I forgot to mention it in this!
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