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So I felt like the biggest asshole, when I killed your rock and roll.

Hey hey, it's been a while since I've updated.. probably because I had nothing to update about. ANYWAY,

Yesterday Ms. Smalls asked me if I wanted to go to some Glasgow City Council Pupil Council thing, so I said alright thinking I'll get out of double english today, which I did. So I went, and it was a bit hard hitting. Turns out we've been split into groups and we're to think of ways to tackle sectarianism, or start a campaign against it. Whatever idea gets put forward gets £10,000 to spend on stuff to get this working. It's all really hard hitting.

But yeah this is an amazing idea and I was actually sitting there quite content about being a part of it.



So yeah that's basically the first interesting thing to happen in what, a month? Well I'm lying really because I've been doing stuff like seeing Amanda which is always good fun. Made a cake on Saturday with her! Well, Amanda made the cake.. and tidied up.. and gave me the tv remote after we'd finished. No, I am not some male pig.. it just happened that way! I actually wanted to make the cake but Amanda got pretty involved in it and obviously her butch arms are better at mixing than mine.

Oh, and Craig got System of a Down's new album. Not Mesmerise, but HYPNOTIZE. And wow, if I used the term "omg" I so would right now. Like 50 times. All together. Omgomgomgomgomgomgogm.. something like that! But it's hot, so hot.

Right well I'm done. Life's good, so are Gregg's donuts. Not as good as life though.
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