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Haha, what a last night, this morning, this afternoon and this evening.

I was taken part in a 24 hour stay inside a church, constantly playing games, to raise money for the church.

I'm just in, have went 36 hours without sleep and I'm surprisingly quite awake.

Anyway it was awesome.. it flew in so quickly apart from the last hour where we were all dead. I saw Iain too who I hadn't seen since May and he hasn't changed a bit. Top guy.

It started at 7pm but Napie and Me were half at BB so we didn't take part in much of the games. Then at 10 when all the BB boys had left, we set up the badminton net and played till about half 11. Then Neil went out and got us a chippy so we sat and ate that for a bit, then started on the most intense game of rounders I have ever played in my life. How four people can make rounders so exciting is beyond me.. but this game was insane. Iain was so good, and jammy. By now it's like 2 o'clock and people were starting to drift. Napie fell asleep in the hall on top of two chairs while me, Ross and Iain played about with a gamecube for like 2 hours. I actually can't remember what happened till half seven, but when it came we played table tennis! We played alot of badminton too, like two solid hours, which has completely wore me out. Lots of running and no sleep = not fun. Oh and Neil made us play Dodgeball and it was the most intense game of it.. ever. I actually had to try and dodge the ball, and when I got hit in the back went flying into a cone.. it was insane.

So yeah, it was a laugh and all for a good cause! I'm totally knackered now though. Dad says I can rent out a movie from box office and sit down with the dog, cause the family have ditched me and I don't know how to get hot water for the bath.

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