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Went to Edinburgh last night with Nicola, Stacey, Julie, Robbie and Derek(?!) to see NICKO MCBRAIN, DRUMMER OF IRON MAIDEN.

What a laugh it was, the bus rides were a laugh there and back. I have decided that Derek is a gnome. Oh, and everyone in Edinburgh is called Fae and Ken because that's basically all they say.

Anyway Nicko himself was so hot it's unreal. The venue was nice and had like a bar and shit, so people kept buying him whiskey and he was getting pretty slurry. Anyway, the man comes on.. talks a bit, plays the drums for a while with a guitarist and bassist, then bursts into some 20 minute drum solo thing. Half way through it he throws away his sticks and uses his hands, it was so hot! You could hear him shouting "Fuck that was sore" every time he hit one. And the grand finale of his solo, he turns and faces the massive gong behind him and hits it full force with his head, splitting his head open.

Also, he got his dick out for some guy.. yeah.

Got lots of suave pictures on Nicola's camera which I haven't got yet.. but I might be forced to post them up later. I have one of Derek looking like a troll, it's very hot. I'm like a pro photographer.

Anyway, I'm off.


PS: Life is good.
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