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I sold my soul

For Rock and Roll.

8 January
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I'm Craig, I play guitar pretty poorly and love life, almost as much as Amanda.

Simple as.
3 doors down, acdc, acdc belt, acid rain, amanda, angus young, angus young gibson sg, animal, apron movies, athletics, babe the pig, bitching with chris, blue milk sucks, bon scott, borat, brian wilson, budweiser mini fridge, cathouse, coke, come go with me, cons -cough-, cournablanca, cows, creed, crusty bread, cumbria, ddevil, disney songs, duffs, edinburgh, emo heartz, etnies, extreme sports, fender, fetus jewelry, florida, flowery shorts, football with friends, fox, free spirit, gibson, glen belt, grapes!, guitar, hard rock cafe, hat, higher pe, hourglass, ipod, jack black, jet skis, jimmy eat world, lar lar lar, london, lucozade, lynyrd skynyrd, maddox, meatloaf, memory, milk, morrisons, moses, mount vernon park, mounty posse, mrs. poodle pup, music, my hat, my sister, notes, oakley, offspring, oil and vinegar- ha, oneill, pink cat hat, pocahontas shorts, quiksilver, retractable highlighters, rock and roll, sam the dragon, see saws, shiny bracelet, soldierside, something corporate, status quo, stoner bunny, sugar, sum 41, summer, super noodles, sweet home alabama, system of a down, tenacious d, tennis, the beach boys, the look, the office, tickles, tiger print pen, trampolines, tribute, vivi, walking to mcdonalds, we will rock you, wombats