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Happy, happy.

Amanda and I, one year today. Time actually does fly when you're having fun.

Anyway, hadn't got Amanda anything today so I was up at 7 getting ready to go with my mum into town so I could walk about at 9 since I was getting Amanda at 12:45. Actually couldn't find anything.. so I figured if I've learned anything over the past year it's that Amanda can't turn down food.. so I got her lots of food, haha.

Went to the school, and Amanda came out and have me an eyepatch and a pirate's sword. She'd made up some kind of story/treasure hunt thing and had made up a map and everything.. it was actually amazing. Anyway, that lead us back to my house and there was a chest lying on my bed filled with sweets and shit, among other things.

So wow. Fucking happy man, right here.

By the by, I fucked up my english and maths prelim.. and got two conditionals for Strathclyde and Herriot Watt University. Not bad, eh?
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