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So, about 11 days till the prelims begin and once again I'm not worried and haven't studied, which once again is worrying me more than the fact that the prelims are near. Hmm..

I fucked up my personal study in English, bad. I'm not going into details but I've only got myself to blame, and now things are just twice as hard with trying to redo 6 months worth of work in a matter of two months with exams in between. Wae hae.

Barnardos isn't too bad actually. The guys there are a bit scary sometimes, but it's good to see another perspective of life. Like this guy who's grew up in Barlanark all his life, and how he says it's a rough place and stuff but he's still happy and enjoying his life. It's weird cause I'd never imagine being happy in Barlanark, which sort of proves I'm just a snob from Mount Vernon, haha!

I went into town to get Amanda home after work today. I went to alot of effort to see her for about an hour but I thought it was worth it.

I feel quite sick though. Since last night it's been like sharp stomach pains and I've been really warm when everyone's complaining that it's cold in the house. Not a good sign really.

I'm waiting for replies from Glasgow Uni about my UCAS.. and it's annoying me to no end. Amanda's not recieved word yet either. I just want to know if I'm they'll even think about taking me, and it's doing my head in. I know that the minute I hear I've got a conditional I'll really set myself down and work, because right now I feel like I've got no motivation.

Anyway, all this aside I feel what can only be described as, "at one with the universe". I like to think of it as a kind of contentment, but alot more in depth. Haha. It's like, you know you're happy with your life and with everything, and nothing can get you down, but you're still not walking about smiling and hyper etc. It's a good feeling.

Oh, and it's like 15 days till Amanda and I's year anniversary. I'm smiling.

So that'll do for this entry!

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