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Hey hey

Happy new year everyone!

I've really been depriving my livejournal.. I'm not sure why. I think what with everyone from school ditching this for myspace, it's sort of died out. However I will not give in to myspace, even though I already have one! Livejournal remains livejournal to me.

So, since the new year not much has happened, however I'm very content with my life. My birthday's been and gone, and I'm now a big 16 year old, though I feel no different which was what I was expecting really. School's pretty piss, I'm growing really tired of it. My prelims are in like 3 weeks, so I've been studying,, which I've never properly done before, for them. I'm determined to go to Uni this year, because I'm just fed up with school and want to move on. So yeah, studying to do well in my prelims, then do well in my exams, then get out of school. If I fail my exams or whatever I'm leaving anyway, but I'd like to do physics which wont happen without my grades. I'm alright in most classes, like maths, physics and computing. In PE I'd say I'm average, but it's kinda hard to do well in PE when it's 60% theory and we're getting next to no theory lessons. English, I hate with a passion. I really don't see the point in it, and the fact that I'm not any good at it only adds to my hate. I'm still trying for it though.

I'm starting work at my first real job next Saturday, which should be fun. I'm gonna work voluntarily at Barnardos. It's a charity shop that helps kids.. I think. I'm not doing it purely out of the goodness of my heart though, I've gotta do 30 hours community service for BB and this is how I'm going about it.

BB.. I'm fed up of that too. The completion course in on the 10th of March and lasts a whole weekend, staying there and everything. After that I'm more or less free. I really, really can't wait.

I'm still with Amanda, and it's been just over 11 months now. I really couldn't be happier.

Ok, so that's me updated with my life and stuff because most of my entries are quite frankly a load of piss. I suppose if I see you or talk to you often then this entry was a waste of time reading, but for the one's I haven't talked to in a good while.. this is for you. Feel special!

Ciao xx
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